Our goal for Zion has always been to be a place for all to gather, feel welcome and included.  Zion Out Loud, which will launch later this year, is our passion project to: 

  • highlight the diverse voices in our community
  • provide a shared, authentic experience that connects people
  • encourage interaction, curiosity and friendship among strangers

If you’re passionate about sharing your story with others, this is your chance to be heard, in front of a live crowd.  

The theme for the upcoming story slam is ROUNDABOUT :: Tell us a story about a turning point, taking the long way, starting over, accelerating/decelerating, changing direction, city streets or merry-go-rounds.

  • Submission deadline:  Sept 30
  • Selections announced:  Oct 8
  • Event date:  Nov 4

Submission Guidelines:

  • Must be true.
  • About 5 minutes long.
  • No notes can be used. Think about the times you've shared stories with friends -- over a pitcher of margaritas? Around a campfire? Take us there.
  • This is an all-ages event. Don't make parents mad they have to follow up your performance explaining certain words or themes to younger listeners.
  • Pitches must be in the form of a short, minute-long audio recording -- giving the key points (what happened?, when was this?, why does this matter?)  
  • MP3 recordings can be emailed to cassherrington@gmail.com, or you can leave a voicemail at 708-320-3363.  Include your name, phone number and email address.
  • A good story contains a beginning, middle and an ending. But a great story contains a climax, a moment that changed the situation for the better -- or worse! Take listeners to that moment and raise the stakes, so they share your emotions and want to stick around to hear how it ends.

We cannot wait to host this event at Zion.  If you have any questions, please text Banu at 309 361 3636.