Zion Coffee offers high-quality, single-origin coffee direct from the farmer.

Our coffee is exceptional.  

What differentiates Zion is the transparency in our coffee, knowing exactly how and where coffee was grown and having personal relationships with the coffee farmers.

Whether you’re looking for coffee for your cafe, bistro, bakery, restaurant, hotel, office, special event, or corporate marketing program, Zion can develop a custom coffee program that meets your unique requirements. Our coffee is available as whole beans or in pre-measured, pre-ground servings for quick and consistent preparation.  Choose from any of our retail coffee offerings or let us work with you to develop a unique blend.  We can also offer you the equipment to grind, prepare and serve your high-quality coffee.  

Contact us using the form below and we’ll start working on a custom program that enhances your brand by connecting your customers with a high-quality and socially responsible coffee experience.

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