Zion University.  Be Curious.

At Zion, we believe curiosity creates an openness to unfamiliar experiences. It leads to discovery, learning and innovation. 

Zion U offers educational opportunities around many topics we are passionate about, such as coffee, food, cocktails/wines/beers, technology and business. 

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Current Classes

COF110 - An Introduction To Coffee Cupping

This class is designed for anyone interested in learning about tasting coffee’s subtleties. Together, we will explore the basics of coffee tasting, and guide you through the process we, at Zion, cup our coffees as the standard method of evaluating roasted coffee.  We will have a sample evaluation based on fragrance/aroma, flavor and scoring. 

At the end of the class, you will leave with a 12oz bag of your favorite coffee. 

The cupping is 1 hour in length. 

Next Class: Tuesday, 3/14.  6-7P.  

$25 per person, non-refundable. Space is limited.

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Upcoming Classes:

  • Home Brewing Techniques
  • Latte Art Workshop
  • The Other Side of the Cup: Green Coffee
  • Introduction to Coffee Cupping
  • Advanced Coffee Cupping