Zion Coffee Co was founded by Mike and Banu Hatfield.  

Mike is a graduate of Bradley University, with a degree in marketing communications. In his most recent role at Caterpillar, Mike was responsible for the acquisition and growth of a services business and multiple technology product launches. Mike’s experience in taking services to market along with his passion for innovation and sustainability position him well for launching a socially-conscious retail business in the community he has worked in for many years.

With an undergraduate business administration degree from The State University of New York and a MBA degree from Wichita State University, Banu is also currently a global leader at Caterpillar.  She is passionate about gender equality in education.  Banu’s past experiences in consulting and business development, and her international background uniquely position her to bring a diverse point of view to the local market market.  

Mike and Banu currently reside in Morton IL.  They have 5 children, ages 12-18.  They love working hard together, enjoy traveling, learning about different cultures and a heated game of family poker from time-to-time.